Annually, in mid-November, we usually invite parents into the school to meet the class teacher to discuss your child’s progress and ability. As we continue to implement the necessary precautionary and protective practices during Covid-19 restrictions, to keep the school safe and open, we must reduce, as much as possible, the amount of callers and visitors to the school. Therefore, we are unable to invite all parents into the school this year to meet teachers and other staff members.

The recommendations are for meetings between parents and teachers to be conducted remotely through on-line meetings / telephone communications, if at all possible.

Instead, we are sending the parent teacher report home with the pupils. A copy of the report will also be e-mailed to you shortly.

You can follow up, if you wish, with a telephone conversation with the teacher.

Working together, we can all keep the school as safe as possible for all and keep it open.




Two community Gardaí from Ronanstown Community Policing – Garda Bob Dooner and Garda Martin Donohue –  visited our sixth classes today. They spoke to the pupils about their own personal safety when on the internet and how to cope and react to online harassment and cyberbullying.

Pupils were given advice on what to do when they come across on-line harassment and to report problems to people who are able to do something about it. The talks were very interesting and informative. The pupils enjoy it, felt reassured and now are prepared and confident – if they ever encounter cyber-bullying.

Garda Brian Donohue and Garda Bob Dooner talking to 6th class pupils.


Classroom Ventilation

To minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading in school the classrooms windows are kept open, wherever possible.

The heat in each room has been turned up to try to compensate for this.

As well all the normal cleaning of classrooms we also have all classroom surfaces wiped down with sanitizer during each of the breaks, while pupils are on yard.

Could you please ensure your child(ren) have a coat on every day, going to school,  so that they can go to the yard, even in light rain?

When the children are out on breaks it facilitates the airing and sanitising of all classrooms twice a day.

This is very beneficial as we do not want pupils sitting in the same classroom for five hours a day without correct ventilation or a change of air.


This link explains the importance of a change of air in classrooms during the day.


Please click the link below to read the guidance for schools from the Department of Education & Skills regards ventilation in schools and opening windows.

Practical Steps for the Deployment of Good Ventilation Practices in Schools”


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