St. Bernadette’s Senior School have successfully gained four Green School Flags under the following themes: Litter and Waste, Energy, Water and Travel. We are now aiming to complete our fifth Green School Flag for Biodiversity. Our newly appointed Green Schools Committee are thinking about what Biodiversity means for our school.

We are currently in the process of creating a ‘green slogan’ to promote the importance of caring for and promoting plant and animal life in our school. We are also aiming to develop our school garden during the summer months.

Our garden space is quite a large space around the school to use as a school garden There is a lot of biodiversity in it. Our school garden was set up in 2007 and there are also two smaller, enclosed gardens adjacent.

We have a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit. Six raised beds are used for classes to grow vegetables. This is a great opportunity for pupils to maintain a garden and experience the joy in growing plants.

Funding to purchase gardens implements. plants, climbers and creepers was applied for, and graciously received, from Department of Rural and Community Development through South Dublin County Local Community Development Committee to purchase gloves, refuse bags , garden implements, tools, seeds, plants, shrubs, bulbs, pots & creepers.


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