St. Bernadette’s Senior School first opened in 1983 at the same time that the new estates of Harelawn, Greenfort and Shancastle were being built. As the Senior School building was not completed in September 1983, when the school opened, the three classes were located in the Junior School, in the block beside the main gate.  With more and more new houses being built lots of pupils came and the school grew at a phenomenal rate.

Mr. Séamus (Jim) Frisby was the first principal of the school and Mr. John Nagle was the first deputy principal. The senior school building was completed in May 1984 and the five staff members moved from the junior school block to the new senior school building. These were Mr. Jim Frisby, Mr. John Nagle, Mr. Jim Ryan, Ms. Mary O’ Shea and Ms. Moya Finnerty. Within three years – by 1987 there were over 660 pupils in the school.

The area has matured since then and many facilities and amenities have set up in the area. Pupils’ numbers have fallen to a more manageable level. Nowadays there are around 230 pupils in our school.

In 2007, we undertook a major building project, which brought the building right into the 21st century. 

Mr. Frisby retired in 2007 after 40 years teaching – 24 of those as principal in St Bernadette’s SNS.  Mr Jim Ryan replaced him as principal of our school. Mr. Nagle retired in 2012 after 40 years teaching – 29 of those as deputy principal in St Bernadette’s SNS.  Mr Tom Bolger replaced him as deputy principal. Tom Bolger retired in February 2020 after 35 years teaching – all in St. Bernadette’s SNS and Ms. Deirdre Dunne, our present deputy principal, replaced him.



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