Confirmation Preparation

The Irish Bishops Conference promised some time ago to create videos that parents can watch with their children at home to help them as their child prepares for Confirmation and First Holy Communion. These are now available on the icatholic website via the link below:

VIDEO  1:  

VIDEO  2:    

VIDEO  3:   

If you have any queries, please contact Fr Damian McNeice  at who will be able to assist you.



Please go to the PARENTS tab and then click click the sub tab Classes on the site to see the classes for 27th August, when we open.

  1. There is a list of all the classes, teachers and SNA’s.

2. Also there is a map of the school, showing where each class is located.

3. There is also a map of the yards to where where pupils line up, enter building and play during break times.

All the three above items can be downloaded and printed off by clicked the download button under each item.



The school office will close at the end of this week for 2 weeks summer holidays.

The office will be closed from Monday 10th August until Friday 21st August.

Any pupils wishing to transfer from 2nd class to 3rd class need to enrol. Please drop in the enrolment form with birth cert. & PPSN number by the end of this week.

There is no cost for book rental this year.You can also pay the €30 for materials and resources, for each pupil, for the year during this week.

If you would prefer to pay by card please check the on-line payment facility details on our website under the PARENTS tab.


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